Saturday, March 5, 2011


Some Courts and our CJ seems to have no capacity at all to understand that when an mc is given to anyone let alone a lawyer, the doctor's view is an expert view. How can any Judges not accept it lah. Judges are not an expert in medical issues. 

Malaysia boleh but ini tak bolehlah. lawyers are merely attending court to do their job and if an mc is given to the lawyer that means he cannot do the job properly cause we need to be in the right frame of mind to do our job properly. Court's refusal to grant adjournment when there is a mc is breach of fundmental rights of a lawyer human.  Courts are contantly showing disrespect to lawyers when lawyers are also officers of the court. I am actually annoyed that the Bar Council is not doing anything about this disrespect shown to we lawyers in court.
Rushing us lawyers to prepare our bundles, submissions and the trial , not allowing us to conduct our cases properly and worst still not being able to understand the Evidence Act but sitting there to judge the case is phathetic. What is the point of artificially truncating the numbers when the Court is miserably failing to do justice. Why cant they understand that!

Anyway someone once asked me if lawyers cannot fight for their own rights then how can they fight for anyone else's right? Malulah kita.
I think I want to set up a movement to fight for lawyers' rights what you all think?
Absolutely fed up
SP Chanra
Hn Lim & CO

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