Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It recently dawned on me that  many of my students are still ignorant or "misconceived" over some areas of the law. After yesterdays class, judging from the questions that were asked - looks like most of my  lectures just went over the students heads.There are only 2 options available for me right now, that is, to shoot myself on the head and end it all- or to rectify the situation somewhat. For those who are Mooter's, introduce yourself- Secara Ringkas- " Encik Moses - Council for the appellants and together with me,...other Counsel stands  up and introduce themselves." (In actual Court Proceedings- leading Counsel will introduce everyone- this is the first step- and this will be recorded in the Courts file)

After that, highlight  to the Court the Brief facts of the case- not only must the facts be brief-  Counsel must also be brief. and concise Lawyers must not start reading case law from beginning to end   like a CNN TV newscaster.Do not bore the Court with your long lectures.

2nd Step- With  the permission of this Court ,I will now proceed with my 1st Submission.

( Remember the main marks will be given for Mastery of facts and issues, and Advocacy- there is little point in  getting 10/10 for Court Etiquette- this can easily be accomplished by  addressing the Judge - My Lord,  My Darling Yang  Arif  about 2 dozen times.)

Tip: Don't argue until you have read the opponents Bundles. Looks what they have highlighted for the Court. have they left any important legal principle out which can be used  to your advantage?

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