Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 Constitutional law defines govermental power in it's three branches of legislative,executive and judicial  power and the interrelationship  one with another. Administrative Law is concerned with controls of such power, in particular - Judicial control of executive power.

Dont be carried away by JR alone- remember the bottom line is this- It is the Executive which is elected -not the Judiciary.

 In one of the worst  crossfire between the Executive and the Judiciary in Malaysia  -Dr. Mahathir  told the head of the Judiciary, the then YAA Salleh Abbas..." If you  disagree with the Executive- then  resign and stand for election... and find out for yourself if anybody would vote for you!"

Tun Haji Mohamed Salleh bin Abas is a former Lord President of the Federal Court of Malaysia. He was dismissed from his post during the 1988 Malaysian constitutional crisis.

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