Thursday, January 20, 2011


You  cannot succeed at litigation unless you are good at deception. In the midst of a legal battle you must be able to lure people into traps they cannot get out.For this, you must take a distance approach to yourself- to be many different people  wearing the mask that the day and the situation require with different lawyers and their dishonest witnesses.Playing with appearances and mastering the art of deception in the Law  Courts  are among the most aesthetic pleasures in my life.When you are about to give the finishing blow to a very angry opponent-  do not raise your voice to match his- reduce it to a gentle whisper- he is already barbeque meat.                                            Fouquet
The legal effect:- the earlier defence that their Client is of a quiet and gentle disposition has crumbled to the dust.Counsel can now sit down with the words " No more questions, My Lord."

Whispers from the Ancient Courts

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