Monday, August 2, 2010


1.How does and where the principle of accountability fit into the discussion on the Rule of Law?

2.Using Sagong Tasi's case as the basis for arguments,how do you creatively use the doctrine of Rule of Law,Arts.4(1),162(6),5(1),8(1),13(1) and 13(2) of the Federal Constitution and LAA 1960,CLA 1956,etc,to re-invent and re-fashion legal arguments in support of the claims of the Orang Asli whenever their rights and interests are constantly under threat whenever outside developments encroach upon their settlements and livelihood.

Sagong bin Tasi & Ors v Kerajaaan Negeri Selangor & Ors - High Court - [2002] 2 MLJ p.591

Kerajaaan Negeri Selangor & Ors v Sagong bin Tasi & Ors - Court Of Appeal- [2005] 6 MLJ 289

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