Sunday, August 22, 2010


SIR EDWARD COKE- 1552-1634

The Chief Justice of the King's Bench engaged in a little disagreement with the King over the subject of  the King's supremacy. The King felt that the Judges were only delegates of his Sovereign power - therefore the King could decide cases in person,from his throne, outside the lawcourts with his decision being the final authority- above that of all  the law Courts in the realm.Up until that time,nobody dared to challenge or dispute this position. Then came Sir Chief Justice Coke.

Chief Justice Coke said, " His Majesty is not learned in the laws of  the realm of England ... and that it requires long study and experience before a man can attain to the cognizance of it........"( In short, he told that  the King  was not qualified to decide on those matters)
He was charged with treason and paid the price.

Such is the fate of all those who poke holes in other peoples vanity, belittle their status and endanger their sense of self importance and security. Ignore this advice at your own peril.      VJ

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