Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thought for the day.

Prepare your argument strategy and compile the facts before addressing the Judge. If you can persuasively demonstrate to the Yang Arif -the main battle is done.Leave the decision  to the Judge.After this you are free-even if you lose you have done your part.  
Some advice from a Senior litigation lawyer I met in Court today.
P.S. For me personally, losing is always accompanied with a bad feeling. I try not to lose, but  sometimes Clients lie to us when we ask  the relevant documents.[of course, before filing the Summons, they are always apt to say that they have the possession of the relevant documents...but when the time comes to file the Bundle Of Documents- then suddenly it is "missing, misplaced or simply-sudah hilang- I  already buat laporan polis".

The safer approach would  be not to fall for the Clients Crap.Insist on getting all the relevant documents BEFORE filing the Summons. This is the only (?)way to avoid an angry quarrel with your Client later on.

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