Friday, November 12, 2010


Senior Peguam Moses Susayan  suggests all our students to do quality work on their assignments.( Meaning - no copy &paste)

Its time for some breakfast at the Canteen of Mahkamah Rayuan- Putrajaya
Mahkamah Rayuan- Main Hall

Semua kes-kes disenaraikan disini. If your case is not listed here- then you have to see the Court Interpreter inside the Court.

Inside the Mahkamah Rayuan- Putrajaya. This is really a world Class Court.

I really do not know what this represents and why it is placed on the Courts bench.Don't bother asking around- nobody knows, not even the Court  Staff or any lawyer!!!!

And when you lose your Clients case, this is where I come and comfort them Bye & See you in Practice soon!!!

My hearts wish is that all my students will walk tall in these corridoors one day.You must come here- this is your destiny.Bye- vj

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