Wednesday, September 29, 2010


In any exam paper, thinking clearly before introducing your subject is important. Focus,Clarity and substance is the key.[ If you are into  politics, then you need  other additional qualities like- eloquence, connections and of course $$$$$]

For example- Introduction on JR.

JR represents the means by which the Courts control the exercise of Govermental power. It is designed to ensure that public bodies,adjudicatory bodies which exercise law making powers act  with the parameters of those powers.


JR is concerned with the legality of the decision made, not the merits of the particular decision. The distinction between JR and the appeal is this- the role of the Courts in appellate jurisdiction is to review the case decided in the Court below , the substance of the decision.JR is concerned  solely with the manner in which the decision maker  has  applied the relevant rules,thus it is procedural in nature.

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